Investing In Australia’s Future

Suida International Developments are not your average, run-of-the-mill development company. A dynamic, family run company with roots in the Australian community, they’re proud to be investing in Australia’s promising economic and societal future through various cutting edge projects.

Originally from China and now based in Australia, the Xu family are longtime supporters of who’s economic ties to the country began in 1993. Successfully establishing relationships with Australian wool suppliers enabled the family to build a clothing manufacturing empire that has proved to be the foundation of their prosperity.

Diversifying from clothing manufacturing and construction, the Xu family has also invested extensively in the exciting field of medical stem cell research in partnership with the University of Western Australia. It is hoped that their investment will contribute both to the establishment of a medical stem cell industry in Australia and the development of cutting edge medical treatments that will benefit people the world over.

With Suida International Developments, the Xu family don’t just want to construct buildings - they want to revolutionise the Australian construction landscape. As Australia’s population grows and the effects of climate change become more apparent, they want to prove that it’s possible to build exceptionally high quality developments that are also highly functional, eco friendly and energy efficient. Better for people, better for our cities and better for the planet - we’re out to prove that it’s possible right now.


Being a family run organisation with a strong social conscience, the Xu family has always known the importance of giving back to the community. Throughout her life, director Liya Xu has contributed significant amounts time, effort and money to numerous charitable causes in Australia and China and looks forward to continuing to do so well in to the future.

A Solid Foundation

Consummate professionals with the focus and drive necessary to succeed, Suida International Developments has a proven ability to complete high quality finished projects. Director Liya Xu has personally overseen the successful delivery of multiple large scale residential and commercial developments to the demanding Chinese market. Moving to an Australian context, she’s now looking forward to putting all of her determination and will to succeed to use delivering construction projects unlike anything the country has seen before.