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Q: Why should I choose Suida International Developments?

A: Because of our core values and commitment to quality, style and location, you can be sure that a Suida International development project is going to offer you the ultimate home to suit your lifestyle. We’re committed to raising the bar for the Australian market and will stop at nothing to ensure that our developments are a cut above anything else available today and into the future.

Q: How do we ensure the quality of our projects?

A: We put in the extra time, effort and attention-to-detail to make sure that all of our projects are of the highest possible quality. Whether it’s researching and purchasing the best quality materials, fittings and appliances, carefully selecting the best building contractors or working with the best architects and interior designers, everything we do has this end goal first and foremost in our minds.

Q: Are there any hidden extras once I’ve signed my contract?

A: Definitely not! All properties are delivered in full for the price listed in the contract. We work hard to ensure that our standard model is equal to the “deluxe” model offered by other developers, so there’s absolutely no need to pay for any extra upgrades at a later date.

Q: Can I make interior design changes?

A: Yes. We believe that your home should reflect your individual tastes, style and personality. That’s why we’ll always work with you to ensure that the interior design of your home is exactly the way you want it.

Q: Do Suida International Developments have the necessary experience to build the home I’m looking for?

A: Definitely. Although we’re just embarking on our journey to raise the bar for the Australian housing market, we have already completed numerous large scale developments in China to an extremely high standard. We’re now looking forward to using this experience to build high quality, stylish and eco friendly developments in Australia.

Q: Are our developments sustainable and eco friendly?

A: Yes. Due to the impact of climate change, high energy prices and concerns over energy security, we’ve done everything possible to ensure that all of our developments are as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible. We use the latest technology, materials and building techniques to lower energy usage and minimise environmental impact.

Q: Can I become an investor?

A: Certainly. We’re always looking at new investors to come on board and help make our dream of building Australia’s best development projects a reality. Just get in touch with us today to find out how.